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PANETTONE CHOCOLATE (T1) is an Italian type of sweet bread originally from Milan, Italy, usually prepared and enjoyed for Christmas and New Year in Western, Southern, and Southeastern Europe as well as in South America, Eritrea  (is a country in the Horn of Africa)  Australia, the United States and Canada.

This is a short 20 minute course training you on step by step for making PANETTONE. This course includes a detailed recipe, and a step by step video by Instructor Chef Jessica McKenzie to show the process of making this into a stylish and modern product that replaces Egg whites. This product and video is part of the unique BRIOCHE ONLINE COURSE that the company offers, but this is a focused and abbreviated lesson focused on just one recipe, CHOCOLATE PANETTONE. 

The training is a self guided tour and offers making this complicated recipe without eggs. 

The PANETTONE has a cupola shape, which extends from a cylindrical base and is usually about 12–15 cm high for a panettone weighing 1 kg. Other bases may be used, such as an octagon, or a frustum with a star section shape more common to pandoro. It is made during a long process that involves curing the dough, which is acidic, similar to sourdough. The proofing process alone takes several days, giving the cake its distinctive fluffy characteristics and complex flavour. It traditionally contains candied orange, citron, and lemon zest, as well as raisins, which are added dry and not soaked. Many other variations are available such as plain or with chocolate. It is served in wedge shapes, vertically cut, accompanied with sweet hot beverages or a sweet wine, such as Asti or Moscato d'Asti. In some regions of Italy, it is served with crema al mascarpone, a cream made by combining eggs, mascarpone, and a sweet Liqueur. 


  • Students are provided access to course materials including recipes for students to develop buy lists
  • There is no time frame for students to complete this course
  • This course is an on-demand private video that can be watched at any time
  • Lifetime access to course information and recipe
  • Students have access to communicate with instructor via email with any questions


  • Chocolate Panettone with Poolish
  • Learn the history and origins of this cultural sweet bread
  • Learn to make a fermented poolish starter
  • How to replace eggs 
  • Fermentation and shaping techniques
  • How to create the unique traditional Panettone texture
  • Crunchy meringue based icing  

Product Recommended

  • Potato Protein 300
  • Marzipan
  • Xanthan Gum

Special Equipment

  • Stand mixer
  • PANETTONE Paper Forms (recipe makes 1800g of dough)
  • Long skewers for hanging (at least double the length of the base of paper forms)