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We wanted to let you know about new European regulatory requirements. Starting 14 September, Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) will require two-factor authentication on many payments in Europe. Payments without SCA may be declined.
All credit card charges on this website are handled by, where we never see your credit card info and is in compliance with European standards. While is typically exempt from these new customer authentication rules, it is up to individual banks to decide whether these exemptions are approved for their cardholders. This means your credit card may be declined after SCA takes effect on September 14, 2019.

If you experience this problem simply contact and request that we send you an electronic invoice through This type of electronic invoice sent to your attention will create an "SCA-ready payment request" that captures the required authentication when the customer completes a payment and will process your credit card properly.

We dont foresee there will be many problems but we wanted to notify you in advance of any such troubles.

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