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Take two courses that meet your interest. Vegan CUISINE (L!) and Vegan CHEESE course online for one (1) low price.

These courses take place over a three (3) month period. First you take the Vegan CUISINE Course followed by the Vegan CHEESE Course.

Each ONLINE Course runs over a 6 week training period. You have 6 weeks for each course to complete a certain number of assignments to become CERTIFIED by Vegan Gastronomy Culinary Academy.

What do people do with a CERTIFICATION you might ask? 
They do it to expand their knowledge in vegan cooking, improve their professional skills, open restaurants, cafes, start a product line, or to improve their CV/Resume and change their work to find a better job or different career. 

How is Course Conducted?
The courses take place online - what does that mean? Our online courses are a combination of live recordings and prerecorded training videos. We work in a very interactive virtual classroom space with the use of private facebook groups and Goggle applications.  You will have the opportunity to interact with your classmates, instructors and students taking both online and in-person person training classes, comment one another's  work and ask your instructors questions at any time during your training.  

What Do You Learn in Vegan Cuisine Course?
See here to see what you learn - Vegan Cuisine 2022:

What Do You Learn in Vegan Cheese Course?
See here to see what you learn- Vegan Cheese 2022:

What Do People Say About These Courses?
Often times we are asked for REVIEWS of our academy. We work with GOOGLE to provide the best and latest reviews from students. See them here: GOOGLE REVIEWS